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Black Winter Truffles (100gr) + Truffle Shaver (Lagottino)

Fresh Truffle

Black Winter Truffle ; Tuber Melanosporum
Country of Origin : Manjimup, Australia
Size : Minimum Size of 20gr per Truffle

Storage instructions : Wrap truffles individually in kitchen towel / paper napkin. Keep in an airtight container and keep it chilled.

Sizes and availability is subject to harvest and season.




Truffle Shaver  (Lagottino)

Made with Italian Wood, Finished by hand.

Highly Sharp Italian Blade for Professional Use.

Strong and Accurate Blade Adjustment; Thickness Slices 0.12 mm to 2 mm.

Water Resistant and Sanitized.

Patented / Registered Design.


Prices are GST inclusive

Black Winter Truffles (100gr) + Truffle Shaver (Lagottino)

Tax Included
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