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Pick and choose from our range of truffles right at your doorstep

Here at Woodland Truffles, we believe that our clients should have full control over every step of their purchase. Our truffles, air flown from only the most premium locations, are never frozen and maintain the freshest quality till they arrive at your doorstep. Acquaintance is key - see, smell and touch our products before deciding on your purchase.

To begin your journey with us, book an appointment and our sales executive will personally transport the truffles to you for your perusal. Should you need advice on what best suits your kitchen needs, our resident truffle expert will also be delighted to assist.



Make an appointment

Whether at home or in a restaurant, tell us when and where and our sales executive will bring the truffles directly to you for you to make your selection.

Take your pick

Spend as much time with our truffles as you desire before making a selection.

Enjoy our quality

Woodland Truffle guarantees the exquisite quality of our products as they pass from our hands to yours. Take your time - make payment only when you are satisfied with your truffles.

Woodland Truffles


Based in Singapore, we source for the highest quality truffles around the world, and distribute them to leading hotels, restaurants and private chefs in Singapore.

We handle our truffles with utmost care, using dedicated chillers and strict transporting procedures. If you would like to find out more, do contact us and we will be in touch in no time.

We have a dedicated and knowledgeable sales team that visits your workplace or home for you to take your pick from our selection of truffles.

We welcome you to be as selective as you desire, and are fully confident that our products will be an irreplaceable contribution to everything from fine dining to home kitchens.. ​

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, you pay only when you are satisfied with our truffles.


Why Woodland Truffles



Sourcing from

the best

Our Truffles come from reputable sources around the world



We use dedicated chillers to store our truffles. Specialised cooler boxes are used to transport them to your restaurant or home. 


full control

Choose from our range of truffles brought to your doorstep. You only pay for what you choose.




Never-Frozen. Unadulterated.

We look to build a lasting relationship with your kitchen. 

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